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This is a guest post written and contributed by Steve Drake, Vice President of Business Development at FeedHenry, a Rackspace partner and maker of a Mobile Application Platform for creative app development, easy integration and rapid deployment.
This is a guest post written and contributed by Matt Schmulen, Developer Advocate at StrongLoop Inc., whose suite offers an API tier for connecting enterprise data to devices and browsers. StrongLoop was created by the people who write Node.js. StrongLoop’s LoopBack is an open source mobile backend-as-a-service (mBaaS) that is available on Rackspace.
This is a guest post written and contributed by Peter McLachlan, Chief Architect and Co-Founder at Mobify, a Rackspace customer that is focused on building an open platform to mobify the web.
We’ve updated our Rackspace Cloud mobile app for iOS, adding a number of new features and functions that make it easier for you to manage your cloud from your iPhone.
With so many new apps launching these days, it’s a pain to sort through them all and discover new cool apps for your device, especially if you have an Android. This week’s Must Have App, Rex (by Mapsaurus), helps to discover new apps through recommendations based on the apps you already use and love.
It’s an anytime, anywhere world – and you should be able to easily manage your Rackspace Cloud on the go. To help you do that, we’ve refreshed and retooled our Rackspace mobile app for Android. Now you can create and manage first and next generation Cloud Servers wherever you are from your Android-powered smartphone.
Our first Appium Hackathon was such a success, that we’re doing it all over again. Next week (Monday, July 1) we’ll hold our second Appium Hackathon with our friends from Sauce Labs at the San Francisco Rackspace office!
Digital books are a great alternative to the real thing – they’re portable and better for the environment. But there are certain attributes for a printed copy that a digital book just can’t recreate. And without a printed copy on display on your desk or on your shelf you might miss out on the opportunity to connect with a co-worker or friend who is reading the same book. Now you can catch that opportunity in the digital age, thanks to this week’s Must Have App, BookShout! This app builds a community around books for executives to read with employees; students to read and study with each other; and friends to interact and discover new books.
If your mobile app ever gets a featured spot in an app store, Oprah endorses your product or you make an appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank, you are going to experience mind-blowing traffic to your site. Rackspace knows how to keep your app or site online when experiencing a high traffic event. Our customer gdgt knows this first hand as their site has been one of the few to remain accessible while live blogging important Apple announcements amid crushing traffic.
Waiting 20 minutes to see a doctor when you have a concern, only to have them spend 75 percent of that time reviewing your file, sucks. It’s not an effective use of your time as a patient or for the professional caregiver. Cloud technology has enabled more heath professionals to use electronic health records, or EHRs, and it’s changing the health industry as we know it.
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