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By Jason Perry, President & CEO, Engagency
ParLevel Systems is aiming to disrupt the vending machine industry, an old business if there ever was one.
By Ryan Bonifacino, Vice President of Digital Strategy, Alex and Ani
OpenStack is the cornerstone for almost every television show we do – which is pretty astonishing considering the technology is just four years old (though, it’s been around longer than the lifespan of most TV shows).
ABC’s Shark Tank is an intense way for budding startups to achieve funding, and preparation for an appearance on the show goes far beyond just the pitch and presentation.
By Japhet Pérez Atristain, CTO, Dafiti
For some, expressing your true feelings to someone you know is a tough thing to do. Enter TrintMe, a member of the Rackspace Startup Program that makes an award winning social app that lets you express your true intentions, or “trints,” to friends and friends of friends. Whether just asking to hang out, grab a cup of coffee or start a romantic relationship, TrintMe keeps your true intentions secret unless the recipient feels the same way.
By Premesh Purayil, CTO, Ranker
By Justin Malvin, President, Slingr
A customer approached us recently with a new NoSQL-data requirement for an instrumentation system we had helped them with before.
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