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By Dario De Santis, Product and Engineering Manager, noHold, Inc.
By Paul Friedman, Co-Founder and CTO, StreetLight Data
Fanchimp is fast and easy social media marketing for small and medium businesses. The tool integrates your favorite blogs and recommends the best content to share with your followers. The startup was founded in Santiago de Chile, South America while attending StartupChile, a six month startup incubator program run by the Chilean government.
By Chris M. Lantrip, CEO and CFO, CyberlinkASP
John Courtney is founder and CEO of Endao, a platform for building Business Process Management (BPM) software that radically changes the design and deployment experience for the better. The Endao platform allows you to build powerful BPM applications quickly and cost effectively.
Zulily is one of the world’s fastest growing ecommerce sites. The company must be able to navigate massive, event-driven traffic spikes and make intelligent technology choices to ensure flexibility and scale. At Rackspace::Solve San Francisco, Zulily Vice President of Technical Operations Don Allen and Avail Partners Managing Partner Dan Marsh talked about how companies can solve for the coming tidal wave of choices.
SunPower is a leader in global solar innovation. Solar power ties into what SunPower CIO Richard Robinson calls “the internet of everything” where once-disparate systems are connected and generate actionable analytics and data.
By Michael Johnstone, Technology Consultant, Mark Cuban Companies
Alex and Ani is the fasted growing retailer in the world. At Rackspace::Solve San Francisco the category killing bangle bracelet-maker’s Vice President of Digital Strategy, Ryan Bonifacino, took the stage to discuss how the company’s digital strategy helped accommodate revenue growth that skyrocketed from $80 million in 2012 to $230 million a year later.
Extreme growth is a great problem for a business to have, but it can also cause challenges if businesses are caught flat-footed by that growth. At Rackspace::Solve San Francisco, Bill Clerico, CEO of Rackspace customer WePay, which offers payment services for platform businesses such as marketplaces, talked about how WePay solved for rapid customer growth and scale through DevOps and gained a competitive edge.
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