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Rackspace is honored once again to have earned Microsoft’s Hosting Partner of the Year award.
For more than a decade, EMC Corporation and Rackspace have worked together to provide our customers with the solutions their businesses need to grow.
To enable successful workplace collaboration that delivers high productivity and a return on investment that benefits your bottom line, you need to provide your people with tools that foster ongoing collaboration. According to this infographic (a collaboration between PGi and Column Five), effective workplace collaboration can lead to a 15 percent increase in innovation and decrease time to market by 20 percent.
In February, we kicked off a series of webinars featuring Rackspace and AvePoint SharePoint pros to answer your questions about the complexities of running SharePoint in the cloud. In case you missed them, here’s a quick recap:
Protecting sensitive data and meeting rigorous compliance standards continues to be a top priority for high-security industries such as healthcare, financial services and insurance.
Brad Duncan is a Security Researcher at Rackspace, where he investigates suspicious network activity and identifies threats from various groups. This blog entry discusses the results of ongoing research into one such criminal operation. 
San Antonio’s fledgling tech ecosystem is gaining serious momentum thanks to a new grassroots organization, an ongoing tech training effort and a shot of support from the White House.
As is often the case with Rackspace, things are moving fast and furiously, and I’m thrilled to be right in the middle of all of it.
From keynotes, design sessions, new leading technologies and operator discussions, Rackers were out front, engaging and participating, at last week’s OpenStack Summit in Vancouver.
Women of OpenStack is exactly what it sounds like — a group for women who work on OpenStack to collaborate, communicate and support one another.
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