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Almost every business is looking for ways to better support mobile and remote employees, enhance collaboration and improve efficiency. But existing technology solutions often consist of cobbled together tools that create compatibility, security and performance issues. Google Apps for Work delivers a complete suite of email, productivity and communication tools, but it can also create more work for IT as they deploy and maintain this suite.
Today, Rackspace announced support new Hadoop ecosystem tools that allow for exciting connectivity between traditional relational databases and data platforms like popular big data services like Rackspace Cloud Big Data. By building integration between databases and data processing platforms, users can move data in and out systems to create technology stacks with multi-tiered functionality.
If you look back over the past three decades, you’ll see that we have increased our ability to collaborate and stay productive from anywhere, at any time, starting in 1983, with the advent of the first commercial available mobile phone in the United States. Since then, we’ve seen the evolution of mobile devices, from pagers, laptops, personal digital assistants, Blackberrys, iPhones, Android phones, all the way to tablets and “phablets.”
For the past 15 or so years, I’ve been on a mission to help businesses use technology to make productivity easier, cut costs and bring efficiency to everyday tasks. For many years my focus and passion was directed through SharePoint, but since joining Rackspace I’ve been able to dig deep into our Cloud Office vision. By talking to customers on the frontline, I’ve discovered that the fundamentals of communication, collaboration and sharing have stayed the same, but the way we accomplish tasks and the tools we deploy are constantly evolving.
As you may already know from our public announcement and Steve Crusenberry’s blog, Rackspace launched Rackspace CDN last week. If you’ve read those posts, you already know that Rackspace CDN is designed to bring Akamai’s industry leading network to “cloudy” users that want features like instant provisioning, self service APIs and control panels, and pay-as-you-go, no committal pricing. Rackspace has taken Akamai’s industry leading network and wrapped it with Rackspace’s fanatical experience to create a really special offering.
After consulting Merriam-Webster’s to clear up the differences between “telephony” and “telepathy,” I must admit I was hoping to learn about scaling out a solution using the power of my mind in DialSource CEO Joshua Tillman’s keynote today, called “Scaling Cutting-Edge Virtual Telephony with Rackspace.” However, the solution and story that Joshua shared earlier today at Rackspace::Solve New York proved to be thoroughly compelling.
Earlier this year, our Cloud Databases team announced API support for replication. This week, we bring some more good news that we’ve integrated the feature into the Control Panel.
All businesses have a need for nimble technology that can grow alongside their business. Technology is expanding to become not just servers in closets and email accounts, but collaborative tools that help employees quickly communicate and increase their productivity no matter where they are located. Microsoft Office 365, including Exchange, Outlook, SharePoint, Skype and Office, has become a go-to collaboration tool for organizations that need to get work done. The combination of functionality provided across all of these products and the ability to collaborate seamlessly across different platforms and devices from anywhere is changing the way companies do business! The technology is simply amazing! However, the support experiences associated with Office 365 have often left much to be desired for customers. This is where Rackspace can help simplify the experience and jump start onboarding with Fanatical Support™ for Office 365®.
DialSource is a global leader in cloud telephony. Our flagship product, DialSource for Salesforce, uses real-time data and breakthrough technology within the ecosystem to intelligently automate the sales cycle.
One of my favorite questions to ask when doing interviews at Rackspace is “How would you explain the cloud to a non-technical friend or relative?” The goal, of course, is to take a complex concept and provide a simple explanation or analogy. I’d like to share an analogy that I think works well for hybrid cloud while providing a different frame for thinking about your scalability and security challenges.
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