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As startups continue to make waves from transportation to dating, a new venture is looking to reignite civic engagement in American society — and it’s using Rackspace to get there.
This week at the EVOLVE’15 conference in San Diego, I had the opportunity to show organizations a new and better way to get their stories out into the world.
Today, we are pleased to share that Rackspace Intelligence is now generally available, giving customers a real-time and comprehensive overview of the health of their infrastructure at one glance.
The world of technology generates so many great stories, it’s hard to keep up during the weekly grind. Each Friday, we compile some of the stories that caught our eye. 
Rackspace support for Office 365, which was launched with limited availability in May, has now been released into general availability across the U.S., which means that customers can now get access to Rackspace’s fanatical support 24/7!
Deploying Google Apps for Work might be easy for a few users. But try scaling out to hundreds of users and deploying over legacy technologies in dispersed locations, all while accounting for accessibility and security. That gets complicated. Believe us — we know.
Today’s guest post is by Shiem Edelbrock, Chief Technology Officer of The Control Group, a San Diego-based tech company whose projects include Instant Checkmate, Reverse Phone and NextGen Leads.
When Austin brothers Roy and Ryan Seiders got sick of replacing their cheap coolers after every hunting and fishing trip, they decided to build a better cooler.
Email is the lifeblood of an organization; the predominant way we communicate and get things done. For most employees, more time is spent using email than any other application. We average 110 emails a day, and spend roughly two and a half hours a day on email — and for many of us, use is far higher.
To enable successful workplace collaboration that delivers high productivity and a return on investment that benefits your bottom line, you need to provide your people with tools that foster ongoing collaboration. According to this infographic (a collaboration between PGi and Column Five), effective workplace collaboration can lead to a 15 percent increase in innovation and decrease time to market by 20 percent.
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