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Big News Brews At OpenStack Summit Hong Kong


Every six months, developers, administrators and business folks gather for the OpenStack Summit. The fall’s summit is going on now in Hong Kong, the first international destination in OpenStack’s three-plus years of existence.

The scope of OpenStack has expanded in that time, and myriad technologies, products and services within the OpenStack ecosystem have emerged. For those of us who live and breathe OpenStack, it’s exciting to see a lot of new faces, new projects and a thriving ecosystem. It’s also great to hear of real use cases from folks like MIT, Workday, Shutterstock, Paypal and others.

Of course, when you get a lot of smart folks together, there’s always strong opinions and some healthy debate; but that’s the beauty of open source. Innovation is possible because businesses of every size, startups, research institutions and some of the biggest technology providers now have a standard for cloud computing. From the outside looking in (and to those who don’t understand or are unfamiliar with open source) these debates become fodder for the press, and may lead potential users to question if OpenStack is a good decision. But to quote Rackspace CTO John Engates, “OpenStack is a true meritocracy— the community gets behind an idea or effort and goes that direction. The debates add value, not risk.”

For those who couldn’t be here, here’s a lineup of the major announcements to come out of OpenStack Summit Hong Kong:

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