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Architecting An Ecommerce Site: An Insider’s Look


Many of our ecommerce customers wonder how they can take advantage of cloud computing while remaining PCI compliant. With the hybrid cloud, they can take advantage of the scalability of our Cloud Servers while using a database on a dedicated server to process payment transactions. The best part is that if you have questions on how to make this happen, our Cloud Launch Team is going to be there to help you out.

We want to give you a behind the scenes peek into what goes on after a customer calls with a question on how to architect a solution. At Rackspace, not only do you get solid hosting to support your application, you also get a team of experts who can help you architect your ecommerce solution. If you are an ecommerce business looking to leverage the hybrid cloud, I invite you to watch this video in which my Cloud Launch Team takes you through a real life example of how they would architect the solution.

If you have any more questions, or would like to speak to one of the members on my team, give us a call here at Rackspace and ask to speak to a Launch Manager.

For an intro to the Cloud Launch Process and the Cloud Launch Team, be sure to check out Joseph’s previous post and video.

About the Author

This is a post written and contributed by Joseph Palumbo.

As a founding member of Rackspace's Managed Cloud Support Team, Joseph spends half of his time teaching customers about the Cloud and the other half learning about the Cloud from them. When he's not in meetings, he can be found presiding over cultural happenings around the Rackspace office, discussing support innovation with other 'Fanatics' and wishing paper documents had a built-in search function.

  • Mark

    In the video, someone mentioned that you can support MySQL Master-Master replication in a dedicated environment, but not in cloud environment. Why is Master-Master not supported in Cloud?

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