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An Insider’s Look At The Cloud Launch Team

One of the things that I am most proud about doing at Rackspace is starting the Cloud Launch Team. This team was designed to help existing and potential customers create the best cloud architecture and get the most out of this revolutionary new technology. Our team of Launch Managers has its fingers on the pulse of the technologies that power the cloud as well an understanding of what developers need to make the new generation of scalable applications. When you call Rackspace, all you have to do is ask to speak to a Launch Manager.

Over the next three weeks, we invite you to get an insider’s look into this team, and see how we work together to create the best solutions to address customer needs. In this first video, Launch Manager Jason Swindle introduces the process that we use to solve problems. We look forward to giving you inside access to how our team works and we hope that you get in touch with us; whether you are a current customer exploring how to fold the cloud into your architecture or a developer who is launching the next big thing.


About the Author

This is a post written and contributed by Joseph Palumbo.

As a founding member of Rackspace's Managed Cloud Support Team, Joseph spends half of his time teaching customers about the Cloud and the other half learning about the Cloud from them. When he's not in meetings, he can be found presiding over cultural happenings around the Rackspace office, discussing support innovation with other 'Fanatics' and wishing paper documents had a built-in search function.

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