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Advancing The Open Cloud Movement

When we started OpenStack, the goal was to form a community of like-minded companies and contributors to push for an open alternative to proprietary cloud software. We saw open source as a platform to foster swift innovation and to give customers more choice.

Less than four years later, OpenStack continues to grow and reach impressive milestones, confirming that our commitment to an open standards-based cloud was the right technological and philosophical choice for Rackspace and our customers.

This week, we’re expanding upon that openness by joining a new open project – Pivotal’s Cloud Foundry Foundation. We’ve signed on as a Platinum sponsor for Cloud Foundry, an Apache 2.0-licensed open-source Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) software project. Our fellow founding members include major players like EMC, HP, IBM, SAP and VMware.

The goal of Cloud Foundry is to create portability across Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) technologies, including OpenStack, AWS and VMware. Cloud Foundry manages the environment in which the application is being executed, such as the hosting framework, the operating system and the virtual machines. This enables developers to focus on development of the app, rather than the details of how it is deployed, managed and operated.

Our deep ties to OpenStack and our expertise in open technologies were the exact reasons Rackspace was asked to be involved in the Cloud Foundry Foundation. Much like OpenStack, the Cloud Foundry project aligns with our hybrid, open and standards-based strategy. We’re specialists in the hybrid cloud, and we’re a massive supporter of open source technologies. We see Cloud Foundry’s vision for an open source platform layer technology as a compliment to OpenStack, and it will be a massive step forward in the drive toward true cloud federation, interoperability and portability.

The excitement around the Cloud Foundry Foundation is reminiscent of the early days of OpenStack. We’ll work with the other founding members to structure the foundation and bylaws that will help the industry adopt Cloud Foundry. We look forward to sharing with the Cloud Foundry community the knowledge and expertise we acquired while building OpenStack. And we’re excited to work with a community that shares our passion and commitment to open source technologies and the broader open source community. Together, we’ll continue to advance the open cloud movement.

About the Author

This is a post written and contributed by John Igoe.

John Igoe serves as VP of Private Cloud at Rackspace. In this capacity he leads business development, training, partner alliances and technology initiatives focused around bringing world class Openstack solutions to market.

John’s most recently served as Executive Director of Revolutionary Cloud and Big Data Solutions in Dell’s Datacenter Solutions group. In this role, John was leading the effort to define and build software solutions targeted at public and private clouds utilizing technologies such as Openstack and Hadoop. During this time his group developed the Crowbar Initiative and opensource project launched to address the needs of the industry around the migration to DevOps management styles. John was one of the founding members of the Openstack Foundation Board of Directors and has been intimately involved in this organizations work.

John Igoe has over 25 years experience in the high technology industry. He has held executive level positions in both Engineering and Service organizations of companies such as Banyan Systems, Wellfleet Communications, Bay Networks and Nortel.

John has served as a VP of Engineering, developing complex routing solutions, and as a VP of Global Technical Services. As VP of Services at Bay Networks, John was responsible for the implementation of their Remote Management Service offering, architecting the core systems infrastructure and building out Network Operations Centers in the US, EMEA and PACRIM areas. John was the Founder and CTO of SilverBack Technologies, a provider of cloud based infrastructure management software that was acquired by Dell in 2007.

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