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Rackspace Startup Program Spotlight On StudyOnBoard: Virtual Group Study Rooms

Partner & Customer Updates by John McKenna – April 24th, 2014

Rackspace Startup Program member StudyOnBoard leverages the Rackspace Cloud to build it’s platform for online group study rooms.

Hosted Microsoft Lync Instant Messaging And Video Calling Now In Beta

Product & Development by Hassan Malik – April 23rd, 2014

Last week, we gave you a sneak peek at the instant messaging and video calling capabilities that are coming in Hosted Microsoft Lync at Rackspace. Today, Hosted Microsoft Lync is available through an Early Access program (beta).

Object Storage Tomorrow: Erasure Coding

Cloud Industry Insights by Jonathan Kelly – April 23rd, 2014

My last post talked about the benefits of Object Storage today. My next few posts will talk about the future direction of Object Storage technology, and the upcoming features that you should be aware of. Today, I will talk about Erasure Coding. Once again, this post will be Swift-centric, but many of these concepts will likely be embraced by other platforms as well.

Open Source Databases And The Cloud: Takeaways From The Percona MySQL Conference [Video]

Cloud Industry Insights by Sean Anderson – April 22nd, 2014

At the Percona MySQL conference, Rackspace sat down with SiliconANGLE’s ‘The Cube’ to discuss the conference, the community and the work Rackspace is doing in the data space. Here is the full video and some key takeaways about open source databases and the cloud.

Is Your Business Email Secure?

Cloud Industry Insights by Brooke Jackson – April 22nd, 2014

How can you make sure the information in your email remains private and only accessible to the intended recipients? Can you risk hours or even days of email downtime due to a virus that employees unknowingly spread?

Why We Craft OpenStack (Featuring Rackspace Software Developer Ed Leafe)

In this video series, we hear straight from some of OpenStack’s top contributors from Rackspace about how the fast-growing open source project has evolved, what it needs to continue thriving, what it means to them personally, and why they are active contributors. Here, we talk to Software Developer Ed Leafe.

Embracing Mobile First Design

Mobile by Garrett Heath – April 21st, 2014

It’s time for online businesses and retailers to put an emphasis on mobile development rather than treating it as an afterthought.

Strategising For Spikes

Cloud Industry Insights by Angus Dorney – April 21st, 2014

Strategising for spikes in your online business is really important yet, astonishingly, many organizations, namely some here in Australia, are still not doing it effectively. I believe that ineffective preparation for online spikes is inexcusable with the technology available today.

Rackspace Weekly Digest: April 18

Cloud Industry Insights by Andrew Hickey – April 18th, 2014

This week we hear from Performance Cloud Servers customers, get Cloud Databases monitoring in the Control Panel, break up with an online store and much more.

SQL Is Dead, Long Live SQL!

Cloud Industry Insights by Andrew Wing – April 17th, 2014

“Big Data” is one of the biggest buzzwords in the technology industry today – you can’t read the tech press or look at social media without seeing it. But what do we mean by Big Data, and what’s wrong with our old friend “little data” that has served us well for 30 odd years.

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