Mobile Sync for Webmail: iPhone & iPad

Mobile Sync for Webmail: iPhone (and iPad)  

Please Note: Before adding any sync service, you should consider backing up your existing data.
Note: We recommended turning off wi-fi on your device before proceeding.
1. Click your phone’s Settings Icon, then find and click: Mail, Contacts,
2. Click Add Account, and then click Microsoft Exchange. Please note: this is not a Microsoft Exchange account, but it will use the Exchange service for Syncing.
3. Fill in the following account fields and click the "Next" button.
4. If you see a warning like “Unable to Verify Certificate,” don't worry, just click Accept or Continue to proceed with set-up.
5. Regardless of the previous error, the next screen will ask for server info: type and click the "Next" button.
6. Be sure to select the types of data you want to sync and click "Done." Mobile Sync for Webmail does not support “Tasks” (also called “Reminders”).
Note: MobileSync will not sync pre-existing Contacts or Calendar items from your device up into Webmail. You will need to either import the Contacts or Calendar items directly into Webmail or recreate them in Webmail.