Getting Started

Getting Started:

Welcome to Rackspace Archiving!  This guide is to help you setup Rackspace Archiving and get the most out of this very powerful product.  

1:  Your Initial Setup of Rackspace Archiving

  • First Time Login:  After you signed up for Rackspace Archiving, you should have received login information from  Your email will also start to be archived and indexed at this point in time.
  • What is your role?  There are 4 permission levels you may choose for yourself as well as your users. 

2:  Import Legacy Data

Email will start to be journaled after you have received the welcome message.  These initial archived emails and any future emails will be indexed and available for search in your archive with 24 hours. 

Any email sent or received on your domain before signing up for Rackspace Archiving will not be archived.  If you are interested in archiving this legacy data, you may initiate the process by reaching out to our support team. 

3:  Archive Portal Customization:

4:  Provide Archive access to other Users:

  • Setup Welcome Message:  Rackspace Archiving provides you the ability to customize a welcome message for your end users.

5:  General Future Housekeeping:  How do I?