Setup Outlook Integration

Setup Outlook Integration

1.  Copy the URL of your Archive login

2.  Replace /login/new with /outlook/user

3.  Login to Microsoft Outlook.

4.  In Microsoft Outlook create a new folder:  Right click on Inbox, click Create New Folder.

5:  Edit the name of your new folder.  Right click on New Folder, click Propertiesand name the folder to your choice.

6.  Integrate this new Microsoft Outlook folder with your personal archive.  Right click on newly created folder.  Click Properties.  Click Home Page tab.  Paste in the URL from step 1.

7.  Click Ok.

8.  Click on your newly integrated Microsoft Outlook folder.  You should now be directly connected to your personal archive. 

Note:  This must be done on the user level so these are the same instructions that all users will need to follow.