Create Login Messages

Create Login Messages:


Account Administrators have the ability to create a login message for their users to see when logging into their Archive at

1.  There are three dashboards for top-level administrators:  Search, Admin andAdmin User.  Go to the Admin User dashboard by clicking on the Admin User link, located in the upper right corner of the screen.  You will now be on the SETTINGStab in the admin user dashboard. 

2.  Click on Login Messages.

3.  Click the New Message button on the right side of the screen. 

4.  Enter body of the desired message in the blank box next to Message.

5.  Click on Calendar Icon next to Starts on to choose Start Date

6.  Click on Calendar Icon next to Expires On to choose End Date.

7.  Click on the Create button.


Start time and end time - If you would like to specify the start and/or end time, click to edit the message and next to the dates will be military times that can be modified.  

One Active Message - There can only be one active message on the login screen at a time.