Enhance Welcome Messages

 Enhance Welcome Messages:

Not only can you add a user or users to the Archive Control Panel, you also have the ability send them a welcome message.  To access this feature please follow these instructions.

1.  There are three dashboards for top-level administrators:  Search, Admin andAdmin User.  Go to the Admin dashboard by clicking on the Admin link, located in the upper right corner of the screen. 

If you do not see the Admin link on the top right, then you are already on the Admin dashboard. 

2.  Click the USERS tab.

3.  Click on Add User button to add just one user.

**If you want to add multiple users, then click on Bulk Create End Users button.

4.  Under Welcome Message, you will see this default message:
Hello <name>,
Your user login to domaincom is ready.
Your user name is <username> and your temporary password is <password>.
For security purposes, please change your password the next time you login.
Please bookmark your account login location: https://domaincom.archivesrvr.com .

5.  Next to Custom text you will see a blank box.  Here you will be able to add any text that you would like.  This text will be positioned 2 rows below the standard welcome message. 

6.  Click on the Add User and Send Welcome Message button.

*If you were adding more than 1 user in Bulk Create End Users then you will want to click on the Process List and Send Welcome Message button.