Getting Started With Cloud Drive Part 2:

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I just purchased Cloud Drive, now what?
Setup Sub-Accounts
Creating Online Disks
Configuring Disk Access
Downloading the JungleDisk Workgroup Software


Part 2Set Up Sub-Accounts

Good work! So now you're on to the next step of setting up Cloud Drive. In this process you'll learn how to Create a New Sub-Account; after clicking the Enable Master Account button, the Sub-Accounts page should open. To return to this page at any time, click the Sub-Account Management link. Sub-accounts are used for disk access and can be assigned a private personal disk during this step.

1. Enter a Username, Password, and Tags.

 Note: Tags are used to sort users in generated reports and are purely for informational purposes (e.g., Finance, CEO, HR).

 2. Select or clear the Private Online Disk check box, as desired.

Note: If the Private Online Disk check box is selected, an online disk will be created for this user and they will automatically be granted access to this disk.

Note: If you deselected the Private Online Disk check box, click the Create New Sub-Account button to finish adding the user.

3. If you are adding a Private Online Disk for this sub-account, select the following options:

  • Storage Provider - Select a storage company. This will be the data host for the online disk.
  • Location - Select the location for your data storage.
  • Enabled Features - Select disk features as desired:
  • Local Drive Mapping - The user can map the disk on their computer just like a network drive.
  • Sync Folders - The user can select files and folders to automatically sync between the online disk and their computer.
  • Automatic Backup - The user can schedule backups for selected folders or drives and restore data from the online disk.

4. Click the Create New Sub-Account button.


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