Outlook for Mac 2011 FAQ

How can I get Outlook for Mac 2011?
Current Rackspace Hosted Exchange customers can download it from the Control Panel now. Rackspace Email customers will need to upgrade to Exchange to use Outlook for Mac 2011. Instructions on POP or IMAP setup are here.

Is there a fee for Outlook for Mac 2011?
Yes. There is a $2.50 per month per user.

Can I convert a current Outlook for Windows license to Outlook for Mac 2011?
Yes. If you currently have an Outlook for Windows license, go to the Control Panel to download the new Outlook for Mac 2011 license. One active license per account.

Can I get a list of Outlook for Mac 2011 shortcuts?
Yes. Most of the basic shortcuts are the same as Entourage. Download a complete list of shortcuts.

Can I use Outlook Web Access (OWA) with Outlook for Mac 2011?
Yes. It’s the same OWA interface that Windows users experience.

Can I use BlackBerry Enterprise Services (BES) and Active Sync for Mobile with Outlook for Mac 2011?
Yes. You’ll need to add the additional mobile licences to you account. View Hosted Exchange mobile options now. New customers add during signup up. Account admins can add and manage mobile services in the Control Panel.