Customer Videos

Virtual SharePoint Summit 2010 hosted by Rackspace

FREE SharePoint live demos and training with experts from Rackspace, Microsoft, and SharePoint 911.

Overcoming Collaboration Challenges with SharePoint

Presented by Microsoft.

Creating Custom Business Solutions with Web Parts

Presented by SharePoint 911.

Manage Your Team with SharePoint

Presented by SharePoint 911.

Build an HR Portal with SharePoint

Presented by Rackspace.

How SharePoint is Changing Business

Presented by SharePoint 911.

SharePoint Demo

Learn how to add SharePoint to accounts, create sites and customize based on business needs.

Customizing your SharePoint site for document sharing

A look at how to set permissions and share documents within your organization

Archiving vs. Cloud Drive - What's the Difference?

Learn the differences between Rackspace Archiving and Cloud Drive.

Getting Started with Rackspace Email and Apps

Learn how to easily setup Rackspace Email and Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes.

Hosted SharePoint vs. Cloud Drive – What’s the Difference?

Learn the differences between Hosted SharePoint and Cloud Drive.

Upgrading Your Services and Understanding Your Bill

Learn how to upgrade your services and how upgrades will affect your bill.

Core Architecture

A look at the core business of email: how your mail is sent, received, accessed, and stored.

SharePoint Document Management

Learn how to manage your documents within SharePoint.

DNS How To

A basic overview of DNS settings and their common uses.

Spam Bootcamp

An in-depth look at how we handle spam.

Outlook & SharePoint Integration

A look into managing your Outlook and SharePoint.