Transfer DNS Hosting to Rackspace

If your domain registration and Domain Name Service (DNS) hosting are currently provided by another company (for example or GoDaddy,, but you want to manage your DNS through our Control Panel, you can transfer your DNS hosting to Rackspace. We will serve as your DNS host, but your domain will continue to be registered with your current domain registrar.


When you transfer your DNS hosting to Rackspace, you will be charged an annual fee of $5 per year for DNS hosting service.


To transfer your DNS hosting to Rackspace, perform the following steps:

Note: These instructions are specifically for Rackspace Email & Apps; these settings do not apply to managed server or cloud hosting services.

1. If you did not request a DNS transfer when you signed up for service, contact our support team and request DNS hosting service for your domain. At this time, we will automatically set up your DNS according to your current DNS settings, so that you will not experience any interruption of service.

2. Next, you will need to contact your domain registrar and ask them to change your Name Servers according to the following specifications.

Note: Since it typically takes up to 48 hours for computers around the world to recognize that an update has been made to the name servers, you may want to make this switch during non-business hours or when email activity is light. No email will be lost during this transition.

Primary:          DNS1.NAME-SERVICES.COM






Note: Please do not cancel your current DNS hosting service until the transfer is complete.