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Assisted Migration Services

This article will provide the proper expectations for using our On-boarding team to facilitate a assisted migration from your existing mail server to Rackspace mail servers. This service is performed at a cost of $10 per mailbox.

Our On-boarding team will work with you to build a custom plan and schedule for this migration. In order to have a successful migration, there are a few things that we require from customers:
  • Provide Usernames/Passwords when using our Migrations Application

  • Provide Rackspace with PST files for Exchange Migrations if required by the plan

  • Creation of the email environment in the Control Panel

  • DNS Changes

  • Configuration of mobile devices and email clients (Some devices will require a complete data wipe before activating with our services)

  • End User support and Education

Note: Customer responsibilities may vary based on custom migration plans.

Generally, we offer two options for assisted migrations. For each type, you will first need to contact our Migration Team to have a consultation regarding your specific Migration Plan. This plan will need to be set before sending us any of your data.
Migration Applications:
Our On-boarding team will utilize an application to migrate your data. We are able to build a connection between your current mail server and the Rackspace mail servers to transfer the data directly between the two servers. Also, we will need your current Outlook Web Access (OWA) address for Exchange or your mail server IP address or host name for Rackspace Email to make the connection to your server.
The types of data that can be migrated are below:
Current Service Rackspace Service Mail Inbox Mail Sub-folders Contacts Calendar Tasks Notes
POP Rackspace Email X          
POP Microsoft Exchange X          
IMAP Rackspace Email X X        
IMAP Microsoft Exchange X X        
Microsoft Exchange Rackspace Email X X        
Microsoft Exchange Microsoft Exchange X X X X X X
PST Import (Exchange to Exchange migrations):

Our On-boarding team can also import PST files directly into your Microsoft Exchange mailboxes to migrate your data. We can offer you an FTP site to allow you to upload your data. Each PST file will require a special naming convention as follows:

.PST for would be named -->

.PST for would be named -->

You can provide us with a .CSV file of your previous email environment's ExchangeLegacyDN. This will ensure that when you reply or forward existing emails that are migrated, won’t bounce. This will also allow you to work with your old/recurring appointments. For more information, please visit:

Here is the command you would need to run from your Exchange server:


csvde -d ",OU=Hosting,DC=exchange,DC=rackspace,DC=com" -l legacyExchangeDN -fx500.csv


Replace everything in quotes with the OU that your domain resides in. Then hit enter and your AD will export into a CSV file saved to the location that you are currently in.

Note: If any mailbox exceeds 2GB, that mailbox must be exported using the Outlook client. EXMerge has a 2GB PST size limit.


Note: If you have public folders, they will need to be exported to a PST file using the Outlook client. The permissions will need to be reset once migrated to our environment since they are not carried over.