Manage Folder Cleanup

You can set up webmail to automatically delete old email messages. You can adjust this setting for a mailbox or for the entire domain. To learn more about domain wide settings, please see the help topic, "Manage Global Folder Cleanup."

To manage folder cleanup settings for an individual mailbox, log into the control panel, and perform the following steps:

  1. Mouse over the Go to section drop-down menu and select Rackspace Email.
    Rackspace email link highlighted.
  2. In the Email Accounts section, click the Add / Edit Mailbox link.
    Add / edit mailbox link highlighted.
  3. If you have multiple domains, select the appropriate domain name. Or, to change domains, click the change domain link.
  4. Click the mailbox name for which you want to adjust folder cleanup settings.
  5. Click the Settings tab.
    Settings tab highlighted.
  6. In the Folder Cleanup section, click the box next to each folder that should be automatically purged, and then indicate when email messages should be deleted—either after a certain number of days or a certain number of total email messages. Note: Fields that have a zero "0" will be ignored. For example, if you want email messages to be deleted after 30 days, without regard to how many total messages are in the folder, enter a "30" in the Older than … days box and enter a "0" in the over … total messages box.
  7. Click the "Save” button.

Note: Mailbox cleanup will occur on a nightly basis.