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Manage DNS Records

DNS records contain information about each registered domain such as where email should be sent and where the domain’s website is hosted. If Rackspace hosts your domain’s DNS, you can manage your DNS in the control panel. To manage your DNS records, log into the control panel, and perform the following steps:

  1. Mouse over the Go to section drop-down menu and select Domains.

  1. In the Manage section, click the DNS Settings link.

  1. Search for the domain for which you want to manage DNS settings.

  1. Click the DNS Records link.
  2. Use Rackspace Name Serversmust be selected for the Hosting and Mail Records sections to be visible.
  3. Make changes to the host records, as needed. Note: If you need to add DNS records, and you do not have any empty lines available, click the Add Additional Record button.





@ (no subdomain)—This record is used when someone types just your domain into their browser (e.g.,, without the "www"). The Record Type for this hostname "A (Address)" and the address is the IP address of your website.

Note: An @ (no subdomain) entry is required. It is assigned a place holder IP address by default in case you do not have a website.