Getting Started With Cloud Drive Part 5:



I just purchased Cloud Drive, now what?
Setup Sub-Accounts
Creating Online Disks
Configuring Disk Access
Downloading the JungleDisk Workgroup Software

Part 5Downloading the Jungle Disk Workgroup software: 

Hooray! You're down to the last step. Your users will need to download and install the Jungle Disk Workgroup software. It's important to download the Workgroup edition of Jungle Disk as the Desktop edition will not work for this account type. Your users can download the software appropriate for their operating system via the link below:

Once the software is downloaded and installed the users will be prompted with a setup screen the first time they run the application. They will need to enter the domain (chosen earlier), the username (this is the sub-account name you created for them) and the password which you created. After entering in this information you users will be ready to use Rackspace Cloud Drive.


1. Open the Jungle Disk Workgroup Activity Monitor, the desktop software installed above.

2. Click the Configure button.

3. A pop up window will appear and guide you through what you're configuring.

4. Enter in your Domain Name, Username and Password that you created in Steps 1 & 2.

5. Schedule your backups with the list of options available as well as the time of day you want your backups to occur.

Note: Slide the cursor back 'n forth to change the time.

6.  Select what files you would like to back up from the Files To BackUp list or by the Select Other Folders Option.

7. Name your Network Drive andset your Maximum Cache Size.

Note: To learn more about SYNC Folders and Setting them up, visit the following article HERE.

 Viola! You're done! Now see how easy that was? Have fun using Rackspace Cloud Drive!

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