Getting Started With Cloud Drive Part 3:

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I just purchased Cloud Drive, now what?
Setup Sub-Accounts
Creating Online Disks
Configuring Disk Access
Downloading the JungleDisk Workgroup Software

Part 3Creating Online Disks

 Good job! You're half way done. Now we'll take you through the process of Creating Online Disks. After setting up your sub-account(s), you can create additional Online Disks. You can create more than one disk; for example if you have two groups who need to access different data you can set up a disk for each user, let's take a look!

1. Click the Online Disk Management link.

2. Create an Online Disk Name (e.g., finance, documents, sales), and select the following options: 

  • Storage Provider - Select a storage company. This will be the data host for the online disk. 
  • Location - Select the location for your data storage.
  • Reporting User - Select a user that this disk will be listed under when running reports.
  • Enabled Features - Select disk features as desired:

     - Local Drive Mapping: The user can map the disk on their computer just like a network drive.

     - Sync Folders: The user can select files and folders to automatically sync between the online disk and their computer.

     - Automatic Backup: The user can schedule backups for selected folders or drives and restore data from the online disk.

     - Security: Select the level of security. High security will give users the option of entering a password.                    

3. Click the Create Online Disk button.

Under the User Access section, you can add users and set their level of access. To learn how to set user access to multiple disks, move on to the next step.


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