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Adding Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes

You add Microsoft Exchange mailboxes via your admin control panel (you can log-in at 

Note: After adding a mailbox, it may take several minutes before it is fully available. Please wait a few moments before attempting to access that box. 

  1. Mouse over the Go to section drop-down menu and select Microsoft Exchange.
    Microsoft exchange link highlighted.
  2. In the Email Accounts section, click the Add / Edit Mailbox link.

Add / edit mailbox link highlighted.

  1. Click the Add Mailbox button. Note: To learn about adding multiple mailboxes at one time, please see the help topic, “Add Multiple Mailboxes.”
  2. Enter the following information in the spaces provided:
  • First and Last Name—Enter first and last name information for the mailbox owner in the spaces provided. This is optional.
  • Display Name—Enter the name that should be associated with the mailbox. This name will be displayed when the user sends email.
  • User Name—Enter a unique user name for the mailbox. (The user name + domain combination will become the email address for the mailbox. E.g.,
  • Password—Enter a password for the email account. Passwords must contain at least 8 characters, including at least 3 of the following:English uppercase characters;English lowercase characters;numerals (0-9); and non-alphabetic characters (such as !, #, $, %). Please avoid using characters from your Account Name (e.g.,, Full Name, Initials, or Display Name. The Requirements bar will be full when the password meets the minimum requirements.
  • Confirm Password—Retype the password you entered in the Password box.
  • Mailbox Size—To make adjustments, you may type in a specific size, or left-click-hold the small box and move it along the slider bar. Storage is shared, so changes to the mailbox size will affect available storage for other mailboxes. Note: When a mailbox reaches its storage limit, the user can continue to receive email into the mailbox, but the user cannot send email from that account.
  1. If this user should have Public Folder Admin rights, select the Public folder admin check box. Though all domain users can view public folders, only Public Folder Administrators can add and delete public folders.
  2. To enter optional contact information, click the Contact Information tab and enter additional information, as desired and Click the Save button.