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  • Managed cloud means

    Thousands of cloud engineers ready to help you run fast
    and lean—around the clock.

  • Fueling high performance

    Rip Curl uses our powerful technology and expertise to
    fuel their high-performance smart watch—in and out of the water.

  • Sparking innovation

    CERN collaborates with Rackspace experts to help thousands
    of physicists across the globe work together and probe the origins of the universe.

  • Kendra Scott

    Accelerating growth

    Kendra Scott trusts Rackspace to support their booming online
    boutique—especially during massive traffic spikes.

  • Let us put the #1 managed cloud
    to work for you

    Whatever your business or workloads, the
    Rackspace Managed Cloud offers a best-fit solution.

Your business never stops moving.

Neither does Fanatical Support®.

At Rackspace, we do things differently. Why take the stairs when you can take the slide? Why make customers go it alone when you can be there to help every step of the way? That's what we call Fanatical Support.


Download the open-source SDK for your language of choice. Learn about developing with our feature-rich APIs. Get support directly from developers and operators like you.